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Biographical Information on Sleeping with Sirens 

Over three years in the making, our favorite post-hardcore group Sleeping With Sirens continues to develop as creative artists, they keep the fans guessing with their mix of breakdowns and melody that they shaped into a sound to call  their own. The band’s newest album, Feel, presents a crucial stepping stone for this band’s journey toward the top of the pop-punk scene. 

Current Members:

  • Kellin Quinn - Vocals 

This band is known primarily for the beauty of vocalist Kellin Quinn’s feminine vocal range. Kellin was born on April 24 1986 in Medford, Oregon. Despite his youthful looks that makes him 26! Can you believe that? 

Well known for his vocal’s in the notoriously famous band Sleeping with Sirens. Kellin has been in a few side projects such as: Closer 2 Closure, For All We Know, Screenplay and Our Name in City Lights. 

Mr. Bostwick can sing, rap, scream, & beatbox! Unfortunately this talented stud is engaged! The lucky lady’s name is Katelynne. They have a beautiful daughter together, her name is Copeland Quinn Bostwick. Little Copeland was born on May 18, 2012.

Kellin likes to stick to the the basics when it comes to colors, he likes: green, navy blue, swamp green, black, & gray.

Not only is this guy extremely cool, he’s got some pretty rad tattoos. He has treble clef on his elbow, an eighth note on his left wrist, & a bass clef on his right wrist, this symbolizes his dedication to music! However, that’s just the begining. He also has a lion on his right forearm, & “Before You I Serve Nothing” tattooed across his chest to show his faith! He sports a lock on his heart, and Katelynne, his fiance, has the key to his heart on her arm. Isn’t that adorable!

Keep an eye on this one, he’s only going to get more, & more successful.

  • Jack Fowler - Guitar

Fowler was born January 25th 1992. He left post-hardcore band Broadway to play guitar in Sleeping With Sirens.

  • Gabe Barham - Drums

Great drummer, In a relationship, need more info. Any realiable sources please submit in our submit box. Previously in "For all we know"

  • Justin Hills - Bass

need more info. Any realiable sources please submit in our submit box.

Previously in "For all we know"



  • Jesse Lawson 

Our favorite ginger J Law (backing vocals/ guitar) recently parted ways with this band. He has a history with sleeping with sirens, and their members. He has been in previous bands such as Closer 2 Closure. Great musician, under appreciated member. He now runs Born March 30th Married to Ashley Lawson, and has a beautiful baby!

  • Brian Calzini

Soon after his previous act’s (Paddock Park’s) end, Calzini went on to form Sleeping With Sirens with former member of Uprising Records band Broadway, Nick Trombino. He found a few members from Orlando Florida and the amazing singer Kellin Quinn from Oregon who quickly became a fan favorite. 

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